EQi 2.0 and DISC Assessment Certified
Board of Directors, United States Anti-Doping Agency
Board of Advisors, Sport and Organizational Dynamics Institute


Master’s in Business Administration – University of Minnesota (in progress)

M.Ed. in Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development – University of Minnesota

BA in English Literature – University of Minnesota

David Plummer

Vice President of Operations, Leadership Consultant

David Plummer, M.Ed., OLY is the Vice President of Operations and Director of Leadership and Culture at Premier Sport Psychology.  An experienced professional in cultivating high performing leaders and teams, David has a passion for developing leaders that are able to support engagement and engender motivation in those they lead. He consults with leaders and coaches to help them better understand their team culture, and implement processes and structures that will change those cultures for the better. David specializes in leadership and coach education, team building, and developing high-performing team dynamics.

David believes that positive leaders drive team culture which, in turn, drives performance. He knows that good leaders are able to build relationships, increase motivation, and foster collaboration, but that the best leaders are able to develop a culture where this happens naturally. David also believes that leaders can improve their ability to do all of these things with intentional reflection and a strong work ethic.

As an athlete, David competed at four World Championships, earning three medals. He was a four-time USA Swimming National Champion and retired from swimming after winning Gold and Bronze in the Rio Olympic Games. David also helped the University of Minnesota win two Big Ten Team Titles and was a 14-time All-American. As a coach, he led high school athletes to become All-Americans and teams to their best performances in history.

David has presented on a number of topics including leadership and team culture. Throughout David’s career as an athlete, he was amazed to find that even in an individual sport, great leadership and a positive team culture supported high performance. David presents from his own experience as a consultant and as an elite athlete to tell a story that is approachable and engaging, while still speaking to the best practices of the sports psychology field.


Leadership, Team Culture, Motivation

Work Experience

As Vice President of Operations, David helms the finance, accounting, and human resources divisions of Premier Sport Psychology, along with supervising and steering the general day-to-day business and operations of the company.

David also consults with the University of Minnesota Athletic Department to develop and implement leadership programming for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators. These programs seek not only to improve leadership capacity in all stakeholders through sports psychology, but foster a culture that supports engagement, development, and constant improvement.  He also hosts Premier’s Hold Fast Podcast, which can be found here.

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