Licensed Psychologist, Minnesota Board of Psychology
Certified Trainer, Process Communication Model


Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology – Wichita State University
MSc in Clinical Psychology – Wichita State University
BA in Psychology – University of Tampa

Dr. Allie Wagener

Sport Psychologist

Allie Wagener, Ph.D., LP. is a Licensed Psychologist with a specialization in sport and performance psychology. She aims to create mindful awareness, focus, and openness with athletes to fully engage in sport and in life to help them achieve their optimal potential consistently.

Dr. Wagener was a four-sport athlete (tennis, soccer, gymnastics, track) at a large Minneapolis high school, played soccer in the Olympic Development Program in MN and went on to play collegiate soccer at the University of Tampa. She obtained her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from Wichita State, where she also worked with the University’s athletic department. She went on to work with Mental Health Care Inc., the University of Kansas Medical School, Good Shepherd Psychiatric Hospital, Harold Hamm Diabetes Center, the University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital, community mental health centers, and Head Start programs. She has also served as a tennis and soccer coach in Minneapolis.

Dr. Wagener is an active runner and uses her mental training techniques to help her complete her goals as a marathon and half-marathon runner.


Acceptance-Commitment Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Sport Enjoyment, Mindfulness, Youth Athletes, Professional and Elite-Level Athletes


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Stasio, M.J., Curry, K., Wagener, A. L., & Glassman, D.M. (2012). Revving up and staying up: Energy drink use associated with anxiety and sleep quality in a college sample. College Student Journal, 45.

Wagener, A. L. & Zettle, R.D. (2011). Targeting fear of spiders with control-, acceptance, and informational-based approaches: An analogue comparison. The Psychological Record, 61, 77-92.

Work Experience

Allie has run the performance spectrum in her time at Premier, from contracts with professional sports teams like the Minnesota Wild, Minnesota Lynx, and Minnesota United, to extensive work with collegiate and youth athletes (with ages ranging from high school seniors to children just beginning their elementary school years). A frequent presenter, keynote speaker, and media contributor, her work focuses on personal and performance growth, mindfulness, and maximizing sport and life enjoyment.

In addition to her sessions with teams and athletes, Allie also works frequently with non-athletes of all ages on life-performance, whether that be recovering from day-to-day setbacks and injuries, managing stress and relationships, increasing growth potential and goal attainment, or simply living one’s best life.

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