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Like our clients, we understand the importance of leading through initiative and action. Thanks to our team’s growth over the last decade, we now have the resources to give back to the field by conducting research studies and analyses ourselves, advancing our understanding of the mental dynamics that impact performance, and bringing these insights into our practice and the field of sport psychology as whole.

Our Research & Development team has initiated ongoing assessment and instrumentation development based on years of data collection and our work with the highest performing athletes to bring our clients the most integrated and responsive data on their own performance, and the performance of their organizations or teams.



We know that what gets measured gets managed, and until now, our field had no comprehensive way to measure athlete wellness and performance.

Premier Sport Psychology’s Athlete Wellness and Performance Assessments (AWPA) is a 39-item measure that assesses wellness and performance in five key areas corresponding to athletic success: growth mindset; performance mindset; team support; physical wellness; and mental wellness.

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Many people talk about team culture, but how is it measured? Our team has developed an assessment that examines several facets of team culture: organizational alignment, leadership effectiveness, individual capacity, and team relationships.

While conducting beta testing for this measure, we are offering a complimentary version of this assessment to teams.

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Our team of sport psychologists at Premier have assisted several professional teams through the draft preparation and selection process.

We work behind the scenes to assess athlete traits and the characteristics that are most predictive of success. This information is then compiled and used to aid teams in crucial roster decisions for the coming year and season.


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Interested in Collaborating?

We welcome conversations about ways in which we can collaborate with students, faculty, consultants, and other professionals interested in conducting research on sport and performance psychology.

If you would like to connect with us, please email our Director of Research, Dr. Erin Ayala with a summary of your background and the projects you have in mind.

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